Dear Guidance Counselors,

Lincoln Academy is an online home school option that is a win-win for your high school and the student. As you know if a student drops out or even withdraws they count on your school report card as a dropout. However, if the student enrolls in a home school program, the student has a good chance of getting a diploma and your school has one less dropout on its record. Unfortunately not all students will make it through our traditional high school system and/or pass the state required tests. It is for these unsuccessful students that Lincoln Academy has been developed. If you have any students that are in need of an alternative to the traditional high school program, please give them information about Lincoln Academy. If you need flyers, please send a request to or you can download one here.

Learn More about our online high school diploma program.

School Districts we Have Graduated Students From

Here at Lincoln Academy, we have had the honor to graduate students from all of the major school districts. Here are just some of the few:

  • Aldine
  • Galena Park
  • Channelview
  • Sheldon
  • HISD
  • Humble
  • Cy-Fair
  • And many many more!

Why you should send your students our way

Lincoln Academy's main goal is to provide a viable social service in the form of well-educated, motivated graduates able to successfully continue their education on a postsecondary level, if they so desire, and to obtain employment and succeed in their career goals.

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