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Questions and Answers

How many sections must be completed in order for me to earn my diploma?

There are a total of 5 sections that must be completed for you to earn your diploma. The sections are:

  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • English/Writing
  • Reading Comprehension

How much does it costs to enroll in Lincoln Academy's program?

The full tuition cost is $299. This includes the curriculum, an advisor/counselor who can help you with all of your needs, all work needed to graduate, and access to our online portal system, VistaCT.

Does Lincoln Academy offer payment plans?

Yes, we do offer payment plans which allows you to start with little down. Our payment plan option allows the flexibility of only paying $49 to start. Once you have paid your $49 to start, the remaining tuition can be paid over time.

Will the college I plan to attend accept this diploma?

We guarantee your high school diploma from Lincoln Academy will allow you to apply nationwide to Community Colleges, Four Year Universities, Trade Schools, and Job Employers.

If you are not permitted to apply for any community college or public four year university solely because of the Lincoln Academy diploma, we will issue a refund upon receipt of your denial letter from the college and upon receipt of your Lincoln Academy graduation documents. Lincoln Academy tends to be liberal with its refund policy to keep its students satisfied, but we reserve the right to restrict refunds to any students who show proof that they are not allowed to apply at any public community colleges, public trade schools, public universities or whose employers reject the Lincoln Academy diploma. Also, you have one month from your date of completion for your documents to be applicable for a refund due to a denial by an employer or educational institution.

How long does it take to receive my high school diploma and transcript once I have completed all of the work?

It takes no longer than 1-2 weeks for us to have your diploma mailed to you. You will also receive an official transcript which you can use to apply to the college of your liking.

So once I enroll, what do I do from there?

Just login into VistaCT and everything you need to complete your work will be available to you.

Are there any book fees and is there any special software that I need in order to take the sections online?

No, there are no textbook fees for the program. There are 5 study guides available to download and view online for you to use once you enroll. Also, there is no special software needed in order to take the sections online. Only an internet connection is needed.

What benefits can I expect from earning my diploma from Lincoln Academy?

The benefits that come with earning your high school diploma are truly never ending. Many students who earn their diploma will enroll in a university or trade school, enlist in the military or police academy, get a higher position at their job, earn a higher salary, and many other benefits that you will experience once you have graduated from Lincoln Academy.

Where are you located?

We are proudly headquartered in Houston, TX and have a Regional Office in Fort Lauderdale, FL. However, our online program allows us to work with students from around the country. We would love to see you earn your high school diploma and we feel that our program offers a quality education no matter where you are located.

I have a question but I do not see it here. Who can I ask?

If you have anymore questions please feel free to contact us anytime.

Why choose us

We are dedicated to seeing you succeed in education and we are willing to help you achieve your goals. We work with our students on a level that is just right for each student. We are here to help you achieve your goals and get you to the next step in your life. We can do this by offering you a high school diploma program online, making it convenient and affordable for everyone.

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